Hostaria Uva Rara - Monticelli Brusati - Franciacorta

À la carte menu

À la carte menu

Fried and battered vegetables, aromatic herbs
and Parmesan Cheese
with beetroot BBQ sause and carrot Ketchup
€ 13,00

Fresh water Ceviche
freshly marinated white trout with passion fruit soup,
datterino tomatoes, crunchy vegetables,
lime and chilli

Gluten free
€ 15.00

Beef Carpaccio
with juniper salted streusel, char eggs, boraggine salt,
mayonnaise with watercress

Dry sardines from Montisola (Slow food Presidium)
with toasted red corn polenta
Gluten Free

Fried and battered oysters au Franciacorta Brut,
with parsley ice cream, marinated red onion and lemon froth
Gluten Free

(all fish is bought fresh and cut down to -20 ° C for 24 hours)
(The shellfish are frozen on board freshly caught)

Aromatic risotto
with joux and soft lamb - min 2 pax
Gluten Free

Home-made "Ravioli" filled with bread, butter and herbs,
smoked pecorino flakes, aubergine and mint sauce, light chilli

Green Tagliolino with dried sardines from Montisola (Slow Food Presidium),
lemon from Garda Lake and parsley sauce

Spaghetto al torchio
with Royal Food caviar from Calvisano and shrimp tartare

Home-made fresh fusilli with sturgeon,
shallot cream, pink grapefruit scented confit tomatoes

Great raw seafood dish
2 oysters,
2 red prawns
2 scampi from Sicily,
2 blue New Caledonia prawns
with carpacci and tartare of sea bass,
wild salmon and prawns
Gluten free
€ 50.00
(all fish is bought fresh and cut down to -20 ° C for 24 hours The shellfish are frozen on board freshly caught)

Grilled T-bone steak ( kg.1,200)
mustard sauce, Grilled vegetables and potatoes
with butter and rosemary for 2 people
Gluten free
€ 58.00

Anchovies from Cantabrian Sea
with paccasassi herb pesto
butter and "pan brioche" toasted
€ 20.00

Beef braised in oil
with red corn polenta
(typical dish)
Gluten Free
€ 18.00

Saddle of giant sheep from Bergamo
with potatoes turned into peaty whiskey
Gluten Free

Sliced Patanegra fillet
cooked at a low temperature with butter,
burnt pepper sauce and pimientos de pequillo

Hoked Eel
with Belgian endive scapece,
and red corn polenta
Gluten Free

Grilled sea gurnard
with fennel and pink grapefruit salad
Gluten Free

(The shellfish are frozen on board freshly caught)
(all fish is bought fresh and cut down to -20 ° C for 24 hours)

Life of Vine

4 courses for 4 combinations with Franciacorta Wines:
Non dosed, Extra Brut, Rosè, Demisec

  • Snails of vineyard, black bread crumbles and brown stock
    combined with Villa, Extra Blu Millesimato 2016
  • Lamb ravioli with cooked grape must and redcurrant
    combined with Villa Crespia, Cisiolo, Non dosato, Blanc de Noir
  • Rabbit roll wrapped with vine leaf and its stock
    combined with Barone Pizzini, Rosè Millesimato 2016 100% pinot nero
  • Grape flour sablè with chocolate cream, caramel, grape confit, grape sorbet
    combined with Bersi Serlini, Nuvola Demisec

€ 70.00 each (min.2 pax)

Dessert of our production € 7,00

Sweet Jamaica
Chocolate and chilli ganache on hemp biscuit , blackberry and passion fruit.

Greedy Sicily
White chocolate cream, fake almond amaretto, elderflower sauce and orange ice cream.

"Espresso Tiramisu Dome"

Cake Brescia style
with rosemary ice cream and salted caramel

Icecream and sorbets € 6,00

Berry ice cream - gluten and lactose free

Wild strawberry sorbet - gluten and lactose free

Coffee-drowned zabaglione ice cream

Our territory, Franciacorta and Sebino, is the fulcrum of our cuisine.
An area
defined by an incredible morphological variety, which could only correspond to an equally great food and wine variety.

This is our origin, this is our starting point to create a cuisine faithful to traditions but also free to dare something new.

Raw materials from earth and fresh water are enhanced by the creativity of Alessandro, second generation chef, and his brigade. Our will is to give a simple but decisive imprint to the raw materials to enhance the territorial flavors to their maximum. We are talking about the typical lake sardine (agone), the tench, the char, the sparkling wines of Franciacorta, the stone-ground flours, the strictly homemade pasta and the meats such as the sweet and refined giant sheep of Bergamo or the more classic taste of beef.

There is also a dedication to sea fish with cruditè, steamed shellfish, and experimentations with high quality fish products such as the Cantabrian octopus.

A wide variety of proposals united by a single philosophy, that of respect for tradition and a passion for innovation.