Lingua di vitello tiepida - Ristorante Uva Rara - Monticelli Brusati Franciacorta

The Land - Franciacorta and Sebino

Marinated char au sage,
with plums, sage sponge cake, marinated onion
and lemon grass scented milk

Snails in fried tempura au Franciacorta
with dark stock, dark bread crumble, parsil clorofilla and black truffle

Small Home made maccherone
in lake amatriciana style, and sardines from Montisola’s colatura

Chestnut tagliatellawith hare ragù,
chanterelle mushroom and licorice powder

Grilled lavaret fillet
with Jerusalem artichok sauce and its chips

Beef braised in oil
with red corn polenta
(typical dish)

Rose cake,
with espresso ice-cream and hot eggnog cream

60,00 € each - min 2 pax | cover charge, wine and water excluded