Lingua di vitello tiepida - Ristorante Uva Rara - Monticelli Brusati Franciacorta

The Land - Franciacorta and Sebino

Lake Ceviche 
freshly marinated white rainbow trout
with passion fruit soup, datterino tomatoes, crunchy vegetables
lime and chilli
Gluten Free

Beef carpaccio 
with juniper salted streusel, char eggs, boraggine salt,
mayonnaise with watercress and white turnip

Green tagliolino with dried Montisola sardines (Slow Food Presidium)
Garda lemon and parsley sauce

Home-made dumpling filled with bread, butter and herbs,
smoked pecorino flakes, aubergine and mint sauce, light chilli

Harpoon eel,
with Belgian endive alla scapece
and Salera red corn polenta
Gluten Free

Rack of lamb
with potatoes turned into peaty whiskey
Gluten Free

Franciacorta Rosè ice cream
with wild strawberries

60,00 € each | Drinks excluded/cover charge included